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Meet Stewart

Many of you (particularly if you live in Trowse, go to Trowse Church or St Thomas in Norwich) have met Stewart. He’s a kind and gentle giant (6 foot 4) of a chap, who’s nickname is appropriately ‘Biggun’. He’s got a fascinating history and wanted to share this with you as it’s a great example how a little help and a welcoming authentic community can change someone’s life. Read more

no more school runs :-(

Remember when you dropped your child off at school for the first time? That little body wobbling through the door of the school door with their bag into a new world for them? It’s a moving time for most parents, but here’s a story about the other end as my son achieves freedom from L-plates, and the joy and what is like to share good stuff with others. Read more

May Train 2014

I love the train. Not only do you not generally have to worry about driving, but you are surrounded by strangers which I really love. It’s great to strike up conversations with new people, get a brief glimpse into their lives and share a bit of yours.  So on a trip to London on May 1st with my trusty Nokia Lumia 1020 I took the following photos, edited them on the train and here’s the result! Read more

a walk on the beach

Walking on the beach with your dog is a timeless pleasure. To see your dog flashing around and playing with others, meeting complete strangers is a joy. One little bonus is to see a family walking together, and offering to take a picture of them all with their camera. A simple act of kindness to create a treasured reminder of that family’s walk.. Anyway, here’s some pics of my dog Leia on Winterton beach – my favourite walky spot. Read more

Mines a mine!

With fellow adventurers and a little idea of where we going, we explored one of Norwich’s many chalk mines near Eaton, south side of Norwich. It was a short but fascinating journey into the history of Norwich that I’ve never had the privilege to see before. With rather a shoddy map to give us some idea of where we were underground, we soon realised the extent of these mines yet amazingly, what a great condition they were in. As you can see from the graffiti, we weren’t the first to be there! Read more

hamburger miracles in Leeds

Have you ever been frustrated by UK health and safety nannies telling you what you can and cant eat? Ever been asked how would you like your meat cooked only to be told you can only have it within the ‘safe’ parameters of mediumly overcooked, or massively overcooked? Well, there is hope. After years of searching, I believe there was a divine moment in Leeds. Read more

my shed

Every man needs a shed, and after 15 years of having one it was time to make one. So here’s my shed story from the original idea through to what it looks like today. It would have been easy to go out and buy one, but there’s something great about creating one yourself. I’ve never built anything like this before, but alas, a shed is only a box with a roof really so how hard could it be! Here’s my story.. Read more

I’ve superfast broadband – for what?

A lovely BT engineer came in this morning and with a bit of jiggery pokery cabley stuff, I am now running through fibre optic broadband at 40Mbps. As excited as I was when he came, I am now left wondering how much better off I actually am.

Soon after, my ISP sent me an email titled “Whoosh, things are going to get a whole lot faster..”;

Congratulations – your fibre broadband is now live!

That’s right, your new fibre broadband is now up and running. This means that you can now enjoy the ultimate internet experience.

Read more

Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise

Every now and then you read something, see something, or are involved with something that makes me feel so ashamed. This true (at least I am told it is) story of a pastor disguised as a homeless person really brought it home to me.  Sadly, this kind of behaviour isn’t that unusual. Whether the story is really true or not, it’s a message that undoubtedly is. Read more

Health and Safety Makes Me Mad

I’ve always had a bugbear about the UK’s addiction to ‘health and safety’. I don’t think any country in the world is so addicted to it. So engrained within the UK culture, so many people are now living in fear of the ‘what ifs’ of living. Kid’s don’t play outside in case of …. (fill in whatever you think). We worry if we lock our doors (even though we live in the middle of nowhere with virtually no chance of anything happening), we insure ourselves against insurance against insurance… Read more

What’s going on in Cwmbran, South Wales?

Some of you, particularly Christians may have heard there’s some interesting stuff going down in Wales, Cwmbran, near Newport. Some people are labelling it the 2013 Welsh Revival. Those closer to the events are simply calling in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  It’s not a place I would have chosen to whiz across the country to go and see, yet I had the opportunity of a few days off so my wife encouraged me to go. Read more

Putting on a New Pair of Spectacles.

What if I am wrong About Creation? What does it Matter?

A few months ago I was challenged to look at the science of something that was against what I held as true for so long (relating to the age of the Earth). By starting that enquiry accepting I could be wrong, it helped me to examine why I might be wrong and prevent the temptation of me labeling someone else as “wrong, seriously deluded, ignorant and illiterate”. Read more