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LitterPicking (Again)

Every litter pick I do serves as a reminder of the culture we have in the UK. Whilst most people know littering is wrong, I suspect most think the solution comes from some council spending more on clearing up the mess. There are even some who feel throwing litter out of their cars is keeping someone else in a job.

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Outside The Box

Being told you are someone who ‘thinks outside the box’ is a compliment. Are people ‘stuck in the box’ and is that a compliment too? It’s a curious question. Whatever the nature of that box is, it must have an inside and an outside, and there must be a purpose in being in and out of it.  

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Angels Among Us

The Angel Gabriel seems to take a starring role at Christmas. Despite appearing on many Christmas cards, I didn’t know much about him, so I Googled what angels were up to. To make “God’s message understandable to people and help them to accept it with a pure heart” seems to be the job title. The essence of this message is to simply love one another. In which case, there are angels among us. Over Christmas 2023 I had the great fortune to spend some time with one or two.

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The Joy of Fix

Some people do Soduko, paint, do jigsaw puzzles or watch telly, I enjoy fixing things. There is something deeply satisfying in extending an object’s life. Saving lots of money or the landfill it might have taken up is a bonus. It’s probably the same joy felt by someone solving a challenging puzzle or winning at Cluedo.

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When did social media go wrong?

Social media: initial novelty then perceived powerful tool for positive social change. Why did it go wrong?

One of the earliest adopters of UK social media was Stephen Fry, an incredibly kind, intelligent chap who saw social media as a massive positive opportunity for change. At that time, YouTube was only just a source of silly videos and TikTok hadn’t even been conceived.

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Leaky Bucket

The UK is a leaky bucket and we’re looking in the wrong place to keep it full.

It’s clear the UK has some serious problems ranging from rampant obesity, poor mental health, demoralised staff, anti social behaviour and decaying roads. Are we looking for the solutions in the wrong place? That’s what this article is about.

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My COP26 climate message.

  • Stop buying any plastic tat from China even if it lines the aisles of your local supermarket and your kids or partner really want it. If you don’t buy it, supermarkets won’t stock it, and it won’t be produced.  
  • Eat less. We’re all too fat already. If you want to eat more – eat more plants that aren’t deep fried.
  • Stop wanting more/bigger/more expensive stuff. Learn to enjoy more of what you have now.
  • Don’t think the answer is somewhere else and don’t blame anyone else. It starts with you.
  • Don’t think a new Tesla will solve the planet’s problems, or a flat on Mars. A new Tesla is 2500Kg of weight you need energy to move so that you can get a pint of milk.
  • One for young people in particular: if you can’t even pick up your own crap then don’t expect any world leader to do so on your own behalf.