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My COP26 climate message.

  • Stop buying any plastic tat from China even if it lines the aisles of your local supermarket and your kids or partner really want it. If you don’t buy it, supermarkets won’t stock it, and it won’t be produced.  
  • Eat less. We’re all too fat already. If you want to eat more – eat more plants that aren’t deep fried.
  • Stop wanting more/bigger/more expensive stuff. Learn to enjoy more of what you have now.
  • Don’t think the answer is somewhere else and don’t blame anyone else. It starts with you.
  • Don’t think a new Tesla will solve the planet’s problems, or a flat on Mars. A new Tesla is 2500Kg of weight you need energy to move so that you can get a pint of milk.
  • One for young people in particular: if you can’t even pick up your own crap then don’t expect any world leader to do so on your own behalf.