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Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise

Every now and then you read something, see something, or are involved with something that makes me feel so ashamed. This true (at least I am told it is) story of a pastor disguised as a homeless person really brought it home to me.  Sadly, this kind of behaviour isn’t that unusual. Whether the story is really true or not, it’s a message that undoubtedly is. Read more

Health and Safety Makes Me Mad

I’ve always had a bugbear about the UK’s addiction to ‘health and safety’. I don’t think any country in the world is so addicted to it. So engrained within the UK culture, so many people are now living in fear of the ‘what ifs’ of living. Kid’s don’t play outside in case of …. (fill in whatever you think). We worry if we lock our doors (even though we live in the middle of nowhere with virtually no chance of anything happening), we insure ourselves against insurance against insurance… Read more