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a walk on the beach

Walking on the beach with your dog is a timeless pleasure. To see your dog flashing around and playing with others, meeting complete strangers is a joy. One little bonus is to see a family walking together, and offering to take a picture of them all with their camera. A simple act of kindness to create a treasured reminder of that family’s walk.. Anyway, here’s some pics of my dog Leia on Winterton beach – my favourite walky spot. Read more

Mines a mine!

With fellow adventurers and a little idea of where we going, we explored one of Norwich’s many chalk mines near Eaton, south side of Norwich. It was a short but fascinating journey into the history of Norwich that I’ve never had the privilege to see before. With rather a shoddy map to give us some idea of where we were underground, we soon realised the extent of these mines yet amazingly, what a great condition they were in. As you can see from the graffiti, we weren’t the first to be there! Read more