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Loving the Light show!

Dear  Council.

I know many people have complained about the various road schemes in Norwich but wanted to write a complimentary letter to say thank you for the increasing abundance of traffic lights you have so wonderfully installed. I am convinced there must be a Mr Traffic Light working for you, he’s doing an amazing job of calming traffic (if not the drivers). In fact, I’d say he is doing an amazing job of not just calming things, but bringing traffic to a complete halt. Read more

going off grid

About 25 years ago, the term ‘going off grid’ was first used to signify disconnecting from some future  network that connected everything to everything, before the internet was what it now is. Almost like a prophecy, it signified people breaking their 24/7 global connection, becoming more local, more connected with what was around you at any given time and less connected to what wasn’t.

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