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A lesson for men: women don’t want to be fixed!

At a men’s conference at the weekend, this video made so many laugh and also reinforces something we kind of know through experience, even if we don’t always act out the truth it reveals about women: they don’t want to be fixed.

As men, we want to fix things. Someone tells us about a problem, and are natural urge is to fix it. Whilst it works with many things, from the blocked sink through to the computer that crashes, women are different. Not only is this video very, very funny, it also demonstrates the frustration we men can often feel when faced with a list of problems coming out of the mouths of our partners. Logical isn’t it, if our loved partners are experiencing upset or pain, we want them to be free of that and if it is in our capacity to remove (or fix!) the cause of the pain we want to do so. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the women we are blessed with caring for.

Enjoy and learn from this light hearted look at the dynamics of male/female relationships!