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a month of moments.

The good everyday moments are so easily forgotten, so here’s some photos of little things of November 2013 that created fond memories. You know there’s great moments all around us all the time, if only we open are eyes to see them.

A cheap box of fireworks is often a sore disappointment, so equipped with a son, and a long exposure we had lots of fun over bonfire night.
I could feel the sparks pinging off my back.
Love the way the firework explodes off different things, including my shed.
What I love about this shot is my wife would not stand still whilst I was taking a panorama shot with my Nokia 925. Result: two wives!
My son found a nifty little app on my phone, so here’s my dog with a very red tongue!
Lovely one of my wife and I, taken with a second lens I discovered by Nokia has.
Peter my son, and Leia on the beach. Moments with your children like this are so special.
My friend Richard George on our way to the Gadget show 2013. Sometimes the smallest of things tickle me, like the sign behind him and his smile.
Leia and my new supermop, or Leia with her new wig. Silly times, special memories.
I don’t think this graffiti person was making a profound statement, but the link between love and ‘danger of death’ reminded me of how love can be about dying to oneself..
Charlie the cat recharging his batteries
A faith decorator. 2.5m meters in the air, on one leg, helping to paint the church. Health and Safety?
It’s great when you fancy a pudding, and conjure up something so lovely like chelsea bun with cinnamon stewed apple and custard. Yum
Working on the table downstairs, this butterfly landed in front of me under my lamp, rolled up a bit of plastic tube and basked in the heat for an hour. Amazingly beautiful.
Never ceases to amaze me the lengths cats go to for a warm spot. Here Charlie sits on the warm coffee machine and looks at you only like a cat can.
In the centre of Bradford I watched the standoff between a cat and a feisty magpie. The bird wanted to eat some discarded chips, and the cat wanted to eat it. Stalemate in the end…

And lastyly..

Someone had decorated a fungi in the woods. How sweet!
Someone had decorated a fungi in the woods. How sweet!