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Beef Burger as you Like it!

If there is one thing that really annoys me about the UK is its health and safety nannying. For years, I’ve been going into gastro pubs and restaurants, ordered a burger and asked it to be cook rare or even blue. Time after time I am told the same thing “We can only do it medium, due to health and safety.”  Many a time I’ve suggested I could write and sign a disclaimer to say I am prepared to take responsibility for my own risky living, but alas, never has anyone been willing me to take my chances with food that I ask to be cooked in a certain way. Until now..

So, imagine my delight in the Bawburgh Kings head when I asked for a rare burger. “Let me get you to sign a waver sir..” Wow, that was a first. Not only is the Kings Head one of the best gastro pubs around this part of Norfolk, with amazing good and great service, but they were also willing to give me my food how I asked for it!

Here’s the disclaimer I signed:


So there you have it. One place in Norfolk and seems to operate on common sense. Great place to dine too.

As a footnote, the burger was perfectly cooked. If anything, I would say not as rare as I normally like it, but perfectly done all the same!  Visit their site!