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dogs and speeding cars don’t mix

One of the downsides of having a puppy is that they are at some point going to have an accident. Sadly, an off the lead Leia, a speeding car and an inattentive owner (me) combined to produce a near tragic event when she was knocked down on Tuesday, 5th March 2013. Despite being seriously injured, the man kindly rushed us off to a vet in Norwich where she went straight into surgery. Although she had lost a lot of blood (much of it over me as I held her on the way!) they got her in the nick of time and operated straight away.

Although it was a horrible sight for everyone, it did wake me up to the need to be constantly attentive to the dangers of cars and dogs. Despite the soft tissue (tendons, arteries, kneecaps) being scraped away due to be dragged along, there was no broken bones. During the operation, the connective tissues were stuck back together (not sure how they do that), and all the grit/sand/tarmac was carefully removed from the wounds.

She made a miraculous recovery and on Thursday, after 3 days stay in Hotel Chapelfield, she’s now back home sporting two rather fetching purple booties. It was heart-warming to hear how Leia, who is such a loving dog, seemed to want to kiss everyone and play, despite the pain she was in.

It’s great to have her back home! What a wonderful dog!