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time for the tea shed!

Yum yum yum. Lemon drizzle cake! Yum yum yum

Part 2 of this delicious shed tour takes us a few steps down the lawn to the Tea Shed. Just as lovely as the Egg Shed, but well, does tea, coffee, hot chocolate and home made cakes. Sadly for those like me used to espressos & lattes, the coffee is of the instant variety but tea generally doesn’t require any special hardware to make, so the Tea Shed is a great place for tea and cake. However you like your refreshments, the Tea Shed is a delightful place to visit.

Since it was a sunny day, I thought I’d take a picture of the scenic road up to the shed that kind of sets the scene for the egg or tea experience that will unfold.

The pretty driveway of Cavick House Farm is gorgeous, but does make you feel you are driving up someone’s private driveway!

So here’s the shed in all it’s glory, noting the little sign inside pointing you to the seaside some 20 miles away!

The Tea Shed, complete with Cavick House in the background, in all its glory


Just a lady who strolled up the driveway and had a cup of tea (and of course, got chatting)

Again, the attention to detail is wonderful. Since it is a self-service place, there’s even a little sign helping remove that little ‘I’m not sure what to do here’ anxiety in a way that makes you feel glad that you read the sign!

Annabel really has done it again, to create a place of simple pleasures but at every turn there’s something that makes you feel good about being there. Even the visit from her sister Elizabeth added to the experience. Turning up on her green agricultural buggy, strolling through the door with her wellies and nicking a bit of lemon drizzle cake made me realise that both the Egg and Tea Sheds were very much part of a thriving family-run farm business.

I can’t wait to find out what’s next in this line of wonderful little businesses!

For more info

Well, go and visit first! If however, you are stuck in cyberspace you can visit their website  here or go to their Facebook page here ! Either way, have a lovely time!!