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when chocolate and great ideas collide. YUM!

Do you like chocolate, I mean really, really like chocolate? The sort of chocolate that you pop in your mouth and rather than just tasting chocolate, you have an experience similar to that created with Juliette Binoche in her film Chocolat ? Well there’s a local company that has recently started up who I had the pleasure and honour of placing my first order.

Not only is it the best chocolate I have ever tasted, it has transcended from just chocolate to something which makes you close your eyes and blows your senses. Wow.

I’ve seen the film, understood the thought, but never thought I would experience what Juliette was really conveying. Well I have now, and after purchasing a delightful box of strawberry and champagne truffles from

What’s even better about this company run by Judy Tomlin is the motive. 20% of their profits go to specific Norfolk-based youth courses, with a view to encourage disillusioned young people to be engaged in making chocolate, starting their own businesses, and to create and fulfill their dreams.

I am not going to say any more because the pictures speak for themselves, so go and buy some. You will not be disappointed!