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my shed

Every man needs a shed, and after 15 years of having one it was time to make one. So here’s my shed story from the original idea through to what it looks like today.┬áIt would have been easy to go out and buy one, but there’s something great about creating one yourself. I’ve never built anything like this before, but alas, a shed is only a box with a roof really so how hard could it be! Here’s my story.. Read more

I’ve superfast broadband – for what?

A lovely BT engineer came in this morning and with a bit of jiggery pokery cabley stuff, I am now running through fibre optic broadband at 40Mbps. As excited as I was when he came, I am now left wondering how much better off I actually am.

Soon after, my ISP sent me an email titled “Whoosh, things are going to get a whole lot faster..”;

Congratulations – your fibre broadband is now live!

That’s right, your new fibre broadband is now up and running. This means that you can now enjoy the ultimate internet experience.

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