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I’ve superfast broadband – for what?

A lovely BT engineer came in this morning and with a bit of jiggery pokery cabley stuff, I am now running through fibre optic broadband at 40Mbps. As excited as I was when he came, I am now left wondering how much better off I actually am.

Soon after, my ISP sent me an email titled “Whoosh, things are going to get a whole lot faster..”;

Congratulations – your fibre broadband is now live!

That’s right, your new fibre broadband is now up and running. This means that you can now enjoy the ultimate internet experience.

Anybody know what the ultimate internet experience actually is? Should I really be excited about something I have yet to discover?

Will I watch more YouTube videos (now in HD probably) or facebook more, tweet more often? I am not sure I will, as I had enough of doing those things at 4Mbps. Maybe I should learn to type properly, as that will speed up my ability to write these posts more quickly. But what more will I write? I have no idea.

Does anyone have any idea of what useful activities,  I mean the stuff that is really useful, I can now do that I couldn’t do before?Please, anyone please tell me what this ultimate internet experience actually is?

Answers on a postcard (remember those?)…