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Meet my ancestors

According to the widely accepted evolutionary theory, I came from inorganic matter combining to form the most basic form of life, and then over loads of time that simple life got more complicated until I arrived. Must add, my real Mum and Dad had a big part to play. However, according to a recent article my eldest ‘living’ ancestor looked like this…

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The surprising beauty of where you are!

A few years ago I was in the Gobi desert stunned by the beauty of the Mongolian desert. A boy on a horse walked by, nodded, probably wondering why on Earth I travelled across such a place in an English ambulance. Whilst this Earth is an amazing place of beauty, and so much to be discovered and explored, every now and then where I spend most of my time reveals a equally stunning beauty.  Even the people around you so often reveal something that refreshes your belief in a human beings capacity for incredible beauty. Read more