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The surprising beauty of where you are!

A few years ago I was in the Gobi desert stunned by the beauty of the Mongolian desert. A boy on a horse walked by, nodded, probably wondering why on Earth I travelled across such a place in an English ambulance. Whilst this Earth is an amazing place of beauty, and so much to be discovered and explored, every now and then where I spend most of my time reveals a equally stunning beauty.  Even the people around you so often reveal something that refreshes your belief in a human beings capacity for incredible beauty.

These are just a few of photos that prompted me to stick this photos in this post. One is of a group of Mongolian children I met on my travels, another a dried sea bed in Egypt, and the others are of the sun going down on the river close to my house just a few days ago.It’s great to travel, but every now and then opening your eyes to who and what is around you reveals in equally amazing place. 

Three little stars in Mongolia
Three little stars in Mongolia
More kids in the Gobi
More kids in the Gobi
Dried sea bed in Egypt
Dried sea bed in Egypt
View from the canoe over Trowse water meadow
Tree monster, Deal Ground Trowse
River Yare, Trowse. Sun beams reflected in water was cool!
Bench by the river, Trowse. A favourite spot for many to think and read.
Looking towards Newton Close in Trowse, from River Yare