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first week with a gorgeous new dog..

One of the things you quickly realise when you are thinking of having a puppy (or even a child for that matter) is that everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject of what will happen, when, and to what extent your life will change. Getting a puppy seems to draw upon a depth of people’s own personal experiences suggesting it’s going to involve everything in the house being chewed to bits, there’s going to be poo and wee everywhere for a bit, and your wife is going to leave you because she thinks you love the dog more than you love her. I’ve got to say, none of these are true in my case. Leia the pup has been a gem and even at 11 or 12 weeks (must check the calendar) she hasn’t done anything she shouldn’t have, has slept like a baby, not eaten the cats, has won the heart of my wife and son and even learnt more than I think I was capable of at 12 years, let alone 12 weeks old. And none of this can I say has anything to do with my ability to train her – it’s the hard work has pretty much been done by her Mum Lola and her breeders Abby and Paul from Norfolk Labradoodles.

So this post is a little thank you to Leia, Lola, Abby and Paul for their wonderful upbringing of the pups (all 10 of them!), my wife Jo, my son P for all playing their part.

So thank you all! (Particularly for the two human beings involved because dogs can’t yet browse the web and won’t be reading this.)

Ozzy (Dad), Abby and Paul (breeders) and Lola (Mum). Thank you all!
Generally, the cats were pretty miffed but kind of tolerating her now. However, they did protest during the first week trying to appeal to people’s cat understanding.
Peter and Leia Kentish, great buddies already!
Leia modelling for her next magazine. Kate Moss would be impressed at her natural looks and seductive eyes.
Two beauties. One wasn’t allowed on the sofa, one was.

Along the way, Evan and Tracy Roger’s popped over with their Pug Feebee, and they got on really well. Weebee particularly liked trying out some of Leia’s treats..

And lastly, wouldn’t be the same without a quick video of a puppy being a bit silly..