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Combat Paintball Thetford: service with a smile and a dinosaur.

A few months ago, I wrote about the delightful Egg Shed in Wymondham for it’s wonderful thoughtfulness. Whilst that one leaves you with a wonderful taste in your mouth, in this post I’ll tell you about a great experience that leaves you with a bruise. Combat Paintball in Thetford is a must, not just for those people who love to shoot and blow up things, but also for those who love great customer service. Read more

first week with a gorgeous new dog..

One of the things you quickly realise when you are thinking of having a puppy (or even a child for that matter) is that everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject of what will happen, when, and to what extent your life will change. Getting a puppy seems to draw upon a depth of people’s own personal experiences suggesting it’s going to involve everything in the house being chewed to bits, there’s going to be poo and wee everywhere for a bit, and your wife is going to leave you because she thinks you love the dog more than you love her. Read more

Princess Leia Moves In

We’ve a new arrival in the house. A super cute 11 week old labradoodle puppie called Leia. Yes, she’s named after the Princess in Star Wars because she’s got gorgeous ‘puppy-like’ eyes, and looked great next to Jabba the Hutt in  ‘Return of the Jedi’

The Previously Unvisited Supermarket Aisle

It’s weird, but for years I’ve never really checked out anything to do with the dog section of any of my local supermarket. Now I have a dog, so there’s a hole new part of Waitrose and Sainsbury’s that has been revealed to me even though familiar and well explored by so many others shoppers..

Read more

blob or god, some quicky questions

Dawkins and Lennox.

I am fascinated about the subject of how we came to be who we are. Did we pop into existence as blobs of goo, and over time become the things we are today? Alternatively, was there some super amazing handyman involved at the beginning? In all the scientific evidence that is out there, which answer does it best point to?

So for those of you interested, here’s some basic questions I’d love you to answer!


  1. What are the chances of inorganic chemicals clumping together to form a simple cell capable of life? Read more