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blob or god, some quicky questions

Dawkins and Lennox.

I am fascinated about the subject of how we came to be who we are. Did we pop into existence as blobs of goo, and over time become the things we are today? Alternatively, was there some super amazing handyman involved at the beginning? In all the scientific evidence that is out there, which answer does it best point to?

So for those of you interested, here’s some basic questions I’d love you to answer!


  1. What are the chances of inorganic chemicals clumping together to form a simple cell capable of life?
  2. DNA contains massive amounts of information, how could this be formed since complex information rarely comes about from random chance?
  3. How could new information be added to DNA as the organism gets more complex? Alternatively, how could DNA get more complex to facilitate more complex organisms?
  4. Does the fossil record show the gradual change of simple to complex, or does it show species bursting into existence, not changing much over long periods of time, then disappearing again?
  5. Many bits of our bodies are similar to those in other species (like the femur in our leg, the way our eyes work). Does this show that we came from the same ancestor or could it be evidence for a common design function?
  6. With the huge amounts of research going on, does it appear that the current thinking on evolution is sufficient to explain the evidence that is being uncovered?
  7. Do you think that people embrace a particular view then seek out evidence or endorse that view, even if they may be wrong?
  8. In debates between Richard Dawkins and John Lennox, who do you think wins? Who do you think is the nicer of the two? 😉