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is your disk and big and fast as my disk?

Every now and then, a silly little thing makes me smile. I’ve recently upgraded my home computers to boot off a Solid State Disk (SSD) rather than the older and slower Hard Disk Drive (HDD). First of all, if anyone is thinking of doing the swap – it’s well worth it. Even the oldest of computers are likely to benefit from a SSD.

Yet what tickled me enough to write about the experience was the manufacturers of one of the disks included in the box, this sticker.

Can’t help but wonder just who would stick this somewhere. A geek or a nerd?

Someone somewhere, thought it would be ‘cool’ to make this sticker and send out with the billion SSD’s that are whizzing around the world right now. I’d love to know who thought up this little pressy. It’s been worth it for the pleasure it has given me, just thinking about the person who thought their customers would get really excited and stick it in places that would increase sales.

I can’t wait to find the right place where this sticker can live out the rest of its days, knowing the readers will see it and reveal the live-enhancing power of solid drives.

I am very tempted to stick it on the back of my wife’s car.